Recent happenings roundup

The Download Squad Podcast still needs more tweaking. Call us freaky perfectionists but, what we produced for a first episode wasn’t everything that we wanted it to be. We’re taking another crack at it, and I’ll keep you posted.I gave a thoroughly half assed attempt at Cesar’s Zune haiku contest and, a reader cross posted it as a comment on Zune Insider. TDMW readers are just plain cool.I continue to broadcast a radio show from CKDU, Friday nights at 10:30 Atlantic (9:30 Eastern). I’ve not put out an episode of The Revoluiton in ages, but I do have a studio at home again and the afforementioned Download Squad Podcast is making me want to crank out a show. Stay tuned.Cyrus Farivar has left MacWorld to join Engadget as Senior Associate Editor. I won’t get to work with him directly but, how frickin’ cool is that? I’m constantly amazed who else writes for WIN.

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