Live TV on iPad — Is this why Verizon shuttered neutrality talks?

According to Kheradpir, the tech work for making streams available to users on the iPad is already done, and the company is now in discussions with content partners to ensure that they???re comfortable with subscribers having the ability to watch their channels on another device that???s not the TV. In a demo, Kheradpir showed off live CNN video being delivered to the iPad. CNN and Turner Broadcasting parent Time Warner has been at the forefront of TV Everywhere-type services, and is one of the content partners that have been helping to develop the app. Verizon said that it will make the app available when all its content partners are on board.

We already theorized about why Google stepped away from net-neutrality negotiations, now there’s a clearer picture of what might be up Verizon’s sleeve.

From NewTeeVee’s write-up, it sounds like VZW is gambling on the same licenses it currently holds for cable television — under the auspice that “it’s just another screen.”

That strategy might work initially, allowing VZW to launch Live TV-to-device streaming quickly — however, count on very public battles over carriage fee contract renewals, much like Viacom’s ugly and public fights with Time Warner.

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