Ben Folds – Jackson Cannery

Stop the busI wanna be lonelyWhen seconds pass slowlyAnd years go flying byYou gotta stop the busAnd get off hereEnough’s enoughAnd I’m leaving this factoryAnd all she wantsIs food on the tableAnd I won’t be ableTo bring it homeAnd all I want, come on’Cause all I need, yeah is free’Cause I’m a factoryDid Mother Nature tell you’Boy you come and go as you please?’That’s what she said to meBut big brother got the keysAnd I got Jackson Cannerywoah, woahwoah, woahMillionairesand mill rats live side by sideMessed up my brother’s mindHe’s far from earthAnd tell me, what’s he worth?Nothing!The same as you, the same as meIn this factoryIt’s 4 in the morningMother don’t knowThat I’m going far awayShe’s whispering to the moon’I hope he don’t join you soon’Baby bossClimbs up on his soapboxGreat Caesar’s ghostKnows what’s best for meHe says, ‘Stop the bus!’Big brother got the keysAnd I got Jackson Cannery

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